Wednesday, September 19, 2012

He Taught Me To Hope by P.O.Dixon

He Taught Me To Hope by P.O.Dixon

Darcy and the Young Knights Quest

A what if Pride and Prejudice variation that dares to go a bit further from the original than most while keeping the tone.

So, this Elizabeth crosses her Father and marries at seventeen against his wishes and is widowed not long after and left with a small Son.

Five years on she is back at home and agrees to marry a Mr Collins to save her family from disaster due to the entail on the estate.

Mr Darcy meets a small boy obsessed with the Knights of the Round Table and heroic deeds and becomes his King Arthur, charmed by the boys spirit they become friends.

And, just to make things just a bit more impossible for Elizabeth and Darcy to get together.
Anne De Bourgh will have Mr Darcy for her Husband or die trying.

With all these difficulties you would think the couple would never be able to overcome all the obstacles and come together.

This story I found to be quite compulsive, I could not put it down and had to keep reading all the way to the end.

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