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Interview With An Author – Jack Caldwell

Interview With An Author – Jack Caldwell

1) Your own favorite Austen character and why?

Jack:  Captain Frederick Wentworth, RN. While a dashing war hero and a successful leader of men, Wentworth suffers from the all-too-human sins of jealousy and resentment. His treatment of his once and future love, Anne Elliot, is real and timeless. However, he is a strong enough character to overcome his disappointment and bitterness and court Anne anew. This is a MAN.

2) Your Favorite Austen book?

Jack:  “Persuasion.”

3) Which actor would you chose to be YOUR Mr. Darcy and why?

Jack:  Since my novel takes place in 1870s Texas, Hugh Jackman or Antonio Banderas quickly come to mind.

4) Who would be your perfect Elizabeth?

Jack:  For the same reason, Anne Hathaway or Rachel Weisz.

5) Your favorite book of all time by any author?

Jack:  Its non-fiction: William Manchester’s Volume 2 of his epic biography of Winston S. Churchill, “The Last Lion: Alone.” I regret that Manchester did not live long enough to finish the series.

6) Your favorite Austen film or TV adaption?

Jack:  The 1980 BBC version of “Pride & Prejudice.”

7) You are having a dinner party and can invite four Austen characters which would they be.

Jack:  Capt. & Mrs. Wentworth, Mr. & Mrs. Darcy.

8. Why have you chosen them?

Jack:  They are my two favorite couples, and the conversation would be stimulating and amusing.

9) Which character would you like to play in a film?

Jack:  Nothing from Austen. I would like to play Sir Thomas More in Robert Bolt’s “A Man for All Seasons.”

10) Tell us about your next planned book (whether Austen related or not).

Jack:  In the spring, my sequel to “Pride & Prejudice” and “Sense & Sensibility,” “The Thee Colonels,” comes out. Basically, I send Jane Austen’s fighting men to war—in particular, Waterloo. The novel stars Col. and Marianne Brandon, Col. Fitzwilliam, Anne de Bourgh, Caroline Bingley, Mr. & Mrs. Darcy, and an original character—the dashing and dangerous Col. Sir John Buford.

A Very Big Thank You To Jack:

So What would Hugh Jackman  and Racheal Weisz  Look like as Elizabeth & Darcy.? I made a quick sketch of them to see.

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