Friday, September 14, 2012

Jane Austen Made Me Do It, Edited by Laurel Ann Nattress

Jane Austen Made Me Do It, Edited by Laurel Ann Nattress

Jane Austen Made Me Do It is a collection of short stories edited by Laurel Ann Nattress.

In fact it’s a collection of twenty two, yes really, twenty two excellent Jane Austen inspired tales by some of the best loved Austenesque writers and it is released this week! So this is a super fresh review.

This collection in my opinion is a very worthy addition to your book shelf especially if you are an Austen fan.

Some of the stories would comfortably fit on our list of super natural halloween reading (Nightmare by Syrie James, A Night at Northanger by Lauren Willig, The Ghost Writer by Elizabeth Aston, and The Mysterious Closet, A Tale by Myretta Robens).

There are also some very nice continuances from their previous Austenesque books (Me and Mr Darcy Again by Alexandra Potter and also The Riding Habit by Pamela Aidan.)

However there are many other stories in this collection and I would be hard pressed to pick just one favorite, so, I won’t. I pick them ALL.

This was so enjoyable, thank you to all the authors and special thanks to Laurel Ann Nattress for putting this great collection together, each and everyone is a great tale.

In fact this collection was so good I might just have to sit down and read the whole lot again!

A Recommended BUY!

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