Friday, September 14, 2012

Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

A  Novel

Unlike the unpleasant character Beverley Shrop in Mr Fords book, I DO read all the books I review  and I certainly don’t make any money from doing so. His romantic novel reviewer is a double dealing vampire who sells Jane and all the other vampires out to a mean jewish vampire hunter.
The fact that she is Jane’s boyfriends Mum, makes matters worse than they might have been. In fact poor Jane’s life is rather a mess, so many problems and so little time.
She has writers block and people around her are getting killed and if that’s not enough she has to babysit a pop star turned actress who she had to turn into a vampire to stop her from dying in the middle of filming her novel, Constance which has now been set in the 1950′s.
All of this is enough to drive a vampire batty but Michael Thomas Ford has piled one disaster on top of another for our poor heroine. It really would be more than enough to send anyone over the edge. Will she even survive to the end of book? Will the three legged Chihuahua save her?
Why don’t you buy a copy and see for yourself, it is totally  barmy and perfect for a frosty evening in front of the open fire as Halloween approaches.
The good news is   Micheal Thomas Ford has book number three on the way, I will be waiting in anticipation for Jane Vows Vengeance.

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