Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr Darcys Decisions by Juliette Shapiro

Mr Darcys Decisions by Juliette Shapiro

A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Well this poor book got a drenching as soon as I started it, my kitten Bingley (I thought he had a lovable warm personality hence the name) has a thing about water and no sooner do I put my water down on my bed side table than he has knocked it over and is paddling in it, he also paddles in the shower and the fish bowls.

So having had my water glass emptied all over my book I had to read it in a very crinkly and soggy state.

This is an interesting book, the author stays true to the style and pretty faithful to characters but manages to come up with some new angles that really work very well with the original story.

The Wickham story is quite clever, she also has the contempt of Lady Catherine and Caroline Bingley bringing them together in their spite and condescension.

Juliette Shapiro manages to fit so much into one year, covering every single sister and all the other characters from Pride and Prejudice.

She is another lady that likes happy endings.

If you have read any of my past reviews you will know that I hate my bad guys and girls turned into saints, I like my baddies to be bad. But, Juliette has managed it in such away that I actually felt alright about a bit of redemption, I must be getting soft.

This book was in small print but was gripping and most enjoyable so well worth putting on the reading glasses.

I sincerely hope her four Grandchildren don’t keep her too busy to write more books as I would like to know where she would take all the Sisters in their new relationships and the independence of Anne De Bourgh.

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