Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr Darcys Great Escape by Marsha Altman

Mr Darcys Great Escape by Marsha Altman

Pride and Prejudice continues: A Tale of the Darcys and the Bingleys

Gosh if I used the term outlandish when reviewing The Plight of the Darcy Brothers, it was only because I had not yet read the third book, this is outlandish times ten.

Boy oh boy full of amazing plot lines, some I know will raise eyebrows and even blood pressures and yes parts are totally crazy, but, crazy in a good way.

Maybe this book does stray far from the original but it is great fun even if very far fetched, England is left far behind.

The story goes to Japan across Russia into the dark heights of the Carpatian Mountains.

It goes back in time and then splits into two different story lines completely and the adventures get dark and dastardly with torture thrown in. There is even a chance meeting with Napoleon.

By the time you reach the end after Elizabeth and Caroline have joined forces (yes they are just as rude as you would expect) with Colonel Fitzwilliam to save the day.

There are thought provoking dark moments and some very troubling times for the Darcy family but always with a healthy sprinkling of Austen Style humor.

So, at the end you are not surprised to have a religious miracle thrown in for good measure and why not.

I suspect Marsha Altman has amazing dreams at night, full of excitement, and I hope she writes more, I will certainly read them. Most books will seem pretty dull after this Trilogy of Books.

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