Monday, September 17, 2012

North by Northanger by Carrie Bebris

North by Northanger by Carrie Bebris

(or The Shades of Pemberley)

A Mr and Mrs Darcy Mystery

Just as good as Pride and Prescience and another great Elizabeth and Darcy Whodunnit.
Another Jane Austen Sequel for  your enjoyment

Drawing the characters from Northanger Abbey into the lives of those at Pemberley in a very alarming and unfortunate way.

A pregnant Elizabeth while moving her mother in laws desk to suit herself finds a letter from Lady Anne Darcy and addressed to Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcey, which leads to a treasure hunt and so much more.

One of the down sides is, it highlights Lady Annes death due to childbirth and makes Darcy overly protective and nervous about Elizabeth.

The characters from both books are blended beautifully and the only problem I have with this book is that I want to read more, and I don’t have the other two! Suspense and Sensibility and The Matters at Mansfield, so, it looks like I am due another trip across to Singapore to try and get my hands on them. If they are as good as the two I have read it will be well worth it.

I still can’t get the image of poor Elizabeth too pregnant to run away being stuck in the house with Lady Catherine, her Mother and Lydia, the stuff nightmares are made of.

I recently did a self portrait for fun and I can’t help thinking I would make an excellent Lady Catherine. I will put the picture on here and see what you think, it’s quite scary, I look like you would not win a verbal sparring match with me, but, really I am a pussycat.

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