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Pride and Prejudice Hidden Lusts by Mitzi Szereto

Pride and Prejudice ~ Hidden Lusts by Mitzi Szereto

Mr Bennet shook his head, Lydia was a lively headstrong girl prone to a breathiness of speech amd a most perculiar fondness for raising up the hem of her gown...

As I have stated previously in reviews I have no problem with sex in my books, But, I know some of you do so this might not be for everybody.

So all of those who like me enjoy some rollicking, shirtlifting, britches stretching fun then here it is.
Pride and Prejudice Hidden Lusts is actually a bit of a misleading title as the lusts are far from hidden they jump right up at you, just like the rock hard manhoods of so many of the male characters.

Mitzi Szereto  follows the original story line but endows each of the characters with their own quirks of fancy and sexuality with no shortage of imagination.

Indeed the story opens with Mr Bennet delighting in his newly acquired sketches of a pony girl complete with tack and tail but nothing else.

That’s pretty tame compared with Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine, if you want to know how naughty they are you will have to wait until the 1st of July (2011) is released, you should definitely pre-order a copy if you like a good giggle and can cope with this no holes barred (or utilized) tale.

My Husband certainly enjoyed the benefits of me reading this book 

There is also a chance to win a copy of this book on Mitzi’ Website 

Mitzi’s weblog is HERE.

* This review is based upon a PDF version of the book that I received in advance from Mitzi. I accepted this on the basis that I was free to write a genuine review *

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