Monday, September 24, 2012

Pride and Prejudice: A Royal Disposition by Amy Cecil

Pride and Prejudice: A Royal Disposition by Amy Cecil

This is Amy’s first book and it’s a great start. Her story deviates a lot from the original Pride and Prejudice but manages to keep the characters fairly true to the story. 

Elizabeth is adopted by the Bennet family, she thinks she is an orphan and that Mr Bennet is her Uncle. 

But the title of the book suggests her origins are rather more lofty. Enter the younger brother of the dissolute Prince Regent. Fredrick the Duke of York and of Albany, 2nd Son of George III equally into womanising  gambling and over indulgence of all kinds, this is Elizabeths true father.

This story of love found and then lost, his forced marriage to a Prussian Princess against his will runs alongside Elizabeth’s as she meets and then falls in love with Darcy.

All the usual baddies are there to make sure the path of true love does not run smoothly.

Mr Collins bitter at his rejection by Elizabeth, Lady Catherine determined to  rip the lovers apart and almost succeeding and of course the dastardly and devious Mr Wickham just as evil as usual.( if not worse add Blackmail to his sins).

Poor Darcy has a very hard time getting Elizabeth to agree to be his Wife, after a promising start,  it all goes horribly wrong.

Pick up this book and immerse yourself in Darcy and Elizabeth’s romance.

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