Monday, September 24, 2012

Pulse and Prejudice by Collette L. Saucier

Pulse and Prejudice by Collette L. Saucier

Pride and Prejudice with a Blood Thirsty Twist

Collette L. Saucier has stayed very close to the original story and follows the same time line.

The pride full haughty Darcy is also tinged with bitterness, he really doesn’t want to be a vampire.

It was possible to feel more sympathy for this vampire Darcy for his bad behavior at the Merryton Assembly when the poor chap is trying to live off of animal blood so as not to hurt anybody and, he has been living like a monk trying to avoid any female contact as he is not sure he could control himself.

This would put his avoidance of dancing and his rudeness into perfect perspective.

So having decided he can never marry, he then falls totally for Elizabeth.

Now Darcy of course is not the only vampire in this story, yes you guessed it, that horrid Wykham, the thorn in Darcys side, but unlike Darcy who is a reluctant vampire, Wykham embraces the darkest depths of his vampire state, and certainly no one is safe around him.

Doubling Darcy’s fears when Elizabeth is in his company.

This is a good re-telling, gripping and entertaining with out being too outrageous.

Caroline is just as unpleasant as ever and Mr Darcy gets my vote for seeing her as just as obnoxious as she is.

The new characters that Collette has added blend in well and engage you.

Will Elizabeth be able to face marriage to a Vampire ? You will have to get the book to find out.

I recommend this book whole heartedly. Collette has hinted at working on a follow up. I will be ready and willing as soon as it is out!

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