Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Darcys Give A Ball by Elizabeth Newark

The Darcys Give A Ball by Elizabeth Newark

I sat and read this book in one sitting and I wish there had been more of it. Some of the long jumps in time could have been stood to be filled out.

Darcy and Elizabeth are not at the forefront of this story, but still it was a pleasure and entertaining to see some of the Collinses life and their station in life improve as they finally wrest Longbourne from the Bennets and their children grow up.

The author really enjoys playing with all the imaginary offspring of all the heroes and heroines of Austen’s novels and puts them all together in a ballroom, such a whimsical and delightful idea.

I would love to read more like this, If you have yet to read it, do, it’s a real pleasure.

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