Monday, September 24, 2012

The Only Way by Ola Wegner

The Only Way  by Ola Wegner

A Tale of Pride and Prejudice

This story starts with Mr Darcy’s proposal at the parsonage in Huntsford. Elizabeth refuses him soundly only to be told that evening that her beloved Father,  Mr Bennet has had an accident and died.

She is totally grief stricken and who is there to comfort her? Mr Darcy.

This is a Darcy who really can not take no for an answer He is proud and very high handed and as far as he is concerned Elizabeth is his fiancee, especially after she has wept all over his shirt. 

Once he announces it to his Aunt, Lady Catherine, Lizzy has no choice but to flee the parsonage with Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam,To escape Her Wrath.

On reaching her Uncle’s home Darcy points out that there is no other way, she has to marry him as she is now compromised.

Can his kindness to her bereaved Family win Lizzy over,or is she tied to a man she hates.

The  story that follows is a good one with lots of emotion and interesting turns. I  thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sadly, the copy I downloaded on my Kindle had loads of missing words and mistakes which did diminish the reading pleasure, although I think this was a preview version (at the time called 'No Other Way') so hopefully it should not be an issue in the finally edited version.

That aside I do recommend this book to you. Ola Wegner is a natural story teller and you do care for her characters even if like Lizzy you would like to hit this Mr Darcy at times.

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