Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Other Mr Darcy by Monica Fairview

The Other Mr Darcy by Monica Fairview

Unpredictable Courtships Run In The Darcy Family

This is the story of Robert Darcy Esq of Boston and Caroline Bingley.

This is a Caroline still haughty but not as waspish and cruel as Jane Austen’s original version, although she is hard to like Monica Fairview’s, Caroline, manages to engage some sympathy for a lady constrained by her upbringing and the social structures of her time.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy the man she had longed to be Married to, does a very fine impression of Lady Catherine deBurgh and dresses Caroline down totally and severely, I actually felt for her.

It makes a change to have Caroline as a central character and the other leading Pride and Prejudice characters circulate around the story quite well.

Lydia Bennett arrives in the tale as thoughtless and unpleasant as ever. A sickly Elizabeth is confined to her couch for most of the tale and that is a shame as some of the sparks you would expect to fly are lost. That said there is plenty to entertain.

The first chapter of this book is so amusing that you have to read on, I won’t give anything away but laughed heartily and enjoyed a book that on first impressions I was not at all sure about.

Pick up a copy of The Other Mr Darcy, find a comfy spot and settle down for a good read.

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