Monday, September 17, 2012

The Trouble With Mr Darcy By Sharon Latham

The Trouble With Mr Darcy By Sharon Latham

Keep Friends Close, Enemies Closer...

Pride and Prejudice Continues

The story opens with the Darcy Family on tour in post war Europe, visiting family and friends, Miss Georgina Darcy is smitten by cupids bow when she meets a Gentleman who is a talented young musician.

While Elizabeth and Darcy return home she continues her tour with her Aunt and Uncle, Lord and Lady Matlock.

The torrid romance between Darcy and Elizabeth continue they return to England to await a happy event, the birth of their second son.

But their sublime loving relationship is put to the test after the birth, as Elizabeth is plunged deep into a postnatal depression, an unknown problem at that time.

Her, untreated symptoms almost lead to disaster as she withdraws further from those who love her.
Thank goodness for Uncle George Darcy, who steps in to help and get’s the couple back on track.

Soon after her recovery the whole family are back at Netherfield , rented to them for their stay during the happy event of Kittys Marriage.

But, some of the guests are not so welcome and as one might guest at the top of the list is Wickham!
He is at the centre of a very evil plot. Will this be the time he goes too far and his need to destroy Darcy ends in disaster.

You need to read this book, it is very gripping and full of action, so much more so than Sharons earlier books.

So, if you found the first books slow, give this a go, this novel is packed full of excitement and much more adventure.

A great holiday read.

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