Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Women’s Wicked Wit by Michelle Lovric

Women’s Wicked Wit by Michelle Lovric

From Jane Austen to Roseanne Barr 

Also by the same Author:  More Women’s Wicked Wit, and Women's Wicked Wisdom.

These are witty and amusing collections of cuttings wit by many ladies including Jane Austen, but really I am cheating as I wish to mention a book I have just read while on a mini break to a small Indonesian Island (Batam). I decided to take a break from Jane Austen related books.

The Undrowned Child by Michelle Lovric.

Three years ago before I left England for my trip around the world which ended with us living in Malaysia, I was invited by a dear friend Elizabeth Jane Baldry (EBJ) to go to a Silent Film Festival. 

She would be accompanying one of the films with her wonderful Harp music.

The venue of the event was not too far from Venice and I had always wanted to take my Daughter to Venice and as we were to be leaving Europe it may be our last chance.

So, I booked us an apartment just off of St Marks Square. So that after a week at the Film Festival we would go and stay in Venice, where we would meet up with my Daughter, Sasha and another friend of mine, the Artist, Gentian Sims Revill.

While in Venice I took the opportunity to contact another very old friend who I had not seen in a very long time, Michelle Lovric.

She and her Husband spend some of their time in their wonderful Palazzo  on the Grand Canal, She very kindly invited EBJ and myself to join her their for lunch on her balcony overlooking the canal.
She showed me the art work for Undrowned Child and told me about the curry eating mermaids who speak like pirates (in the book).

It has taken me all this time to actually find a copy of this book and read it (Johor in Malaysia is not the best place for book shops, eventually Singapore came to the rescue).

The book is her first Children’s novel and it is set in turn of the century Venice and is quite scary in a way that I loved.

The scrayness is similar to that I remember from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, also Blackhearts in Battersea. 

Even as an Adult I very much enjoyed it, especially the Mermaids.

It will appeal to both Boys and Girls as there are battles and intrigue and truly horrible baddies and copious giants. So, if you have a child that is into reading get them this book.

I would also recommend some of Michelle’s other books for the more mature audience as she is an incredible wordsmith in love with Venice and History, her books are well researched and fascinating.
Carnevale, The Floating Book, The Remedy and So Many More.

There is also a follow up to the Undrowned Child called the Mourning Emporium which I have not yet read but eagerly look forward to.

Watch the trailer for The Undrowned Child here:   

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