Monday, November 19, 2012

Young Master Darcy by Pamela Aidan

Young Master Darcy by Pamela Aidan 

A Lesson in Honour 

This is the story of a young Fitzwilliam on his return from his first term away at school.

He has started his transformation from a boy to a young man but it doesn't prepare him for the news on his return home. His beloved Mother is sick and nothing can be done to save her.

The tale of young Darcy coming to terms with the grief of losing his Mother and how it is going to affect him and his family.

To escape for a little while from the stress of a household that is grief stricken.

Darcy gallops off on his horse and finds a bit of adventure of his own to take his mind off the trouble at home for a few hours.

He feels the first stirrings of youthful longing as he spends stolen hours with other youngsters .

Lord and Lady Matlockand their Son's join the Darcy's for Christmas at Pemberley and all valiantly try to keep Lady Anne Darcy's spirits up as she has requested a 'normal family Christmas".

But Darcy runs into disaster as he tries to make both his new friends and his family happy.

Poor Fitzwilliam cannot sit down to eat his Christmas lunch after his Father has finished making his point about family honour.

This is a touching story very nicely written, thank you Pamela. 

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