Sunday, February 10, 2013

Promises by Wendi Sotis

Wendi Sotis - Promises

I really loved this story, it's so full of energy and misunderstandings.

Darcy and Elizabeth meet as children and the bond between them grows strongly as the years pass.

By the time she is sixteen  Darcy is totally devoted to her and he proposes to her.
Although she is willing, Mr Bennet won't give his consent until she has had a season and turned 17.

Now this is where all the disasters, skullduggery and misunderstandings set in.

Leaving each feeling abandoned by the other and on her 17th birthday Lizzy has to face the fact that Darcy is not coming to claim her hand.

Three years on and Darcy and Elizabeth meet at the Mereton Assembly. Can their love heal the terrible wounds that have been inflicted.

Once the truth is known who will stop the wicked plans of Lady Catherine and Lord Matlock.

Such an engaging tale that had me rooting for Lizzy and Darcy and wanting to slap Catherine around the chops and stamp on her brothers toes.

A really good read full of interesting twists and turns you will it enjoy it I am sure. I am enjoying Wendi Sotis Books very much and am there for on to the next one with anticipation of more delightful entertainment.

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