Friday, April 5, 2013

Murder at Rosings by Joann Louise

Murder at Rosings by Joann Louise

If you can get past some very iffy grammar and my personal pet hate words like critters instead of creatures, also there are no Vultures in England, not now and not 200 years ago. It would be far better to have had the aptly named "murder of crows" sharing the where abouts of the victim.

OK rant over. 

There is plenty to entertain:

Lady Catherine by her mismanagement and overbearing personality has set the scene for the disasters that befell Rosings Park. 
Unfortunately Elizabeth Bennet gets mixed up in the murder plots and comes face to face with the murderer.

Once he knows she has seen his face her life is in mortal danger.

Thank goodness then that Mr Darcy will move Heaven and Earth to protect his Elizabeth.
And, that's not going to be an easy job as the body count rises.

Whilst dealing with the terrible situation at Rosings Park he is not let off  the hook from sorting out Lydia and Wykham. The poor man is harried from all sides but being Fitzwilliam Darcy was never going to be easy and he is the hero of the day when the tale brings him between the killers knife and Elizabeth.

This is the first Murder mystery set at Rosings That I have read, it makes a change from Pemberley.

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  1. I loved this story and Darcy was at his best. Never knew who the killer was until the end. The book was a thrilling read and one of the best P&P variations I have read.