Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Change of Heart by Tina Marie Noel

Change of Heart by Tina Marie Noel

In this Pride and Prejudice re-telling, Lady Catherine would be well and truly within her rights to say that Elizabeth had used her female guile and accoutrements to turn Darcy's head.

She flirts outrageously and use double entendres, stroking Mr Darcy's snooker cue while telling Mr Darcy she likes to play with his stick.

This is definitely not an Elizabeth that Jane Austen would have liked and some might say it slips into the category of housewife porn. But this elizabeth does the impossible, she changes Lady Catherine's heart as well.

Lady Catherine even coming to the defence of Elizabeth with a serious dressing down to Caroline Bingley and her friend for this alone the book has to be worth reading. because, let's face it wouldn't we all love to give Caroline Bingley a verbal slap around the face and who could  possibly do it better that the totally acidic Lady Catherine DeBourgh. yes this is smutty but at least it is entertaining smut.
Masses of fumbling and heaving breasts.

Even Jane gets a bit naughty and that is very out of character.

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