Monday, September 24, 2012

Bewitched Body and Soul by P O Dixon

Bewitched Body and Soul by P O Dixon

Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Gosh, it is hard to know where to start on this one.

It’s a Pride and Prejudice what if? With so many if’s.

As the story progresses there are little alterations that change the plot, they don’t change the outcome or the characters, just alter the journey.

In Bewitched Body and Soul they make for quite a bumpy ride with a few new characters.

Caroline Bingley is not alone in her single minded determination to marry Mr Darcy. Lady Gwendolen is pretty determined to have Darcy for her self and on meeting Elizabeth Bennet in London (When she goes to stay with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, instead of with her sister Jane). She, decides that Elizabeth would be perfect for her Brother, lord Latham.

This book is well paced with plenty of new story that fits in well with the original, the characters have been kept fairly true, only Georgina seems a bit bolder in this story.

I did enjoy this book and found the ending very satisfactory and delightfully romantic.
This is a Darcy that would be well worth catching.

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