Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Darcy And Fitzwilliam by Karen V. Wasylowski

Darcy And Fitzwilliam by Karen V. Wasylowski

a tale of a gentleman and an officer 

The story starts two months after the wedding of Fitzwilliam Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet.

There is a lot of humor in this book mostly centered around Lady Catherine De Bourgh, who, is brought to life by Karen V. Wasylowski in a way none of the other authors I have read, have ever managed to do. She is entertaining, outrageous and endearing whilst still being a total tyrant.

Once she has had a change of heart about Lizzy she manages to put the entire blame on to her butler, Jameson for her earlier missgivings and lack of compassion.

Elizabeth and Darcy are very much their quarrelsome selves, often picking fights and arguing. 

Elizabeths hormones are not helping the mix as she falls pregnant, and to top it all Caroline Bingley is out to make Darcy her own by whatever fowl means she has to use, and, she can stoop pretty low, causing a lot of havoc.

The second part of the story concentrates on Colonel Fitzwilliams love life.

He has returned from the Napolionic wars a hero, recognized in the streets and universally well thought of. A confirmed bachelor who struggles with his own demons in the aftermath of war and violence.

No, he will never marry, that is until he is slapped around the face by Cupid and falls head over hills in love.

But, the course of true love never runs smoothly and there are almost insurmountable problems, until Lady Catherine De Bourgh steps in to rescue him , with the help of Mrs Fitzherbert and boy do they do a good job.

A very enjoyable book that made me smile and laugh a plenty.

I hope Karen produces more works of this quality, any one who can put a smile on peoples faces is doing a good job.

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