Thursday, September 13, 2012

From Time To Time (A DVD Review)

From Time To Time (A DVD Review)

DVD’s are available very cheaply here and with the cinema also being very affordable, I watch more films now than I have at any other time before.

It also makes for a very enjoyable cheap night out or indeed, in.

I was looking through some older films available on BluRay and came across a film I had heard nothing about at all.

From Time To Time (2009)

Based purely on the cover and the fact that Maggie Smith was in it, I bought it and I am glad I did, it was a real gem.

OK, I know it’s not Jane Austen, but we all know occasionally we need to expand our horizons and any way as you shall see it does possibly have Austen’s influences.

Set in 1944 in England, and probably aimed at a younger audience  this is a ghost story that I enjoyed very much.

Athelhampton House in Dorset was used as the setting, but in the film it is called Green Knowe.

The story about a boy who is sent to stay with his Granny (Maggie Smith) while his mother goes to try and find news of his Father who is missing in the war.

Almost at once the boy (Tolley) starts to meet the ghosts of his family past. He is transported with them back to the turn of the 19th century where he meets an Admiral played by Hugh Bonneville. Often away at sea chasing Napoleon, during his absences his unpleasant Son and Blind Daughter are in the house with their spoilt and selfish Mother and their Butler who stirs up trouble and has designs on the family jewels.

Tolley with the help of the Ghosts is able to help his Grandmother, keep the family jewels safe.
There is more than a nod to Pride and Prejudice with Maggie Smith as Lady Catherine and her Son as Darcy marrying beneath himself.

Look out for  Pauline Collins as the Housekeeper, a little voice of reason in Grannies ear.

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