Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In The Arms Of Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

In The Arms Of Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

A Honeymoon Can Last A Lifetime 

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Continues...

So book number 4 starts with the Christmas season and a full house.

There is more detail to Darcy’s business as disaster strikes one of his mills in Derby, giving us  some deeper insights into the industry of the time.

This is followed by a christening, and then the beginning of a storyline for Colonel Fitzwilliam, giving Darcy’s cousin a great tale of his own struggles with love. Will he get his hearts desire?

We of course want Col Fitzwilliam to have the same kind of felicity as Darcy & Elizabeth have, but as with them, it isn’t that straight forward.

Georgina comes out and is presented at St James along with Lizzy to His Royal Highness, The Prince Regent. And, Darcy has to face the fact his little baby sister is out and attending balls at Almacks, something that he is coming to terms with.

There is quite a bit going on in this book and it does seem to me that when Sharon Latham lets her Darcy and Elizabeth out of the bed chamber, her stories are much more gripping.

This book had a quicker pace, covered more ground and had by-lines for quite a few of the original cast of Characters as well as some rather good new additions.

I am definitely liking these latter books better, maybe I am just not quite slushy enough (though my Husband would argue otherwise, as he regularly sees me dissolve into tears at sad films or while reading heartbreaking stories).

That’s the last Sharon Latham book for now.

So what will be next?

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