Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Dearest, Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

My Dearest, Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

An Amazing Journey Into Love Everlasting 

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Continues...

Book 3 

Starting with snippets of a physicians memoirs, in which we get to know Dr Darcy (Fitzwilliams Uncle), therefore giving us the chance to emphasize with his character, which is useful as he is a mainstay in the Darcy Saga.

Looking after Lizzy through here pregnancy and wanting to be the one to deliver the heir to Pemberley.
Darcy & Elizabeth go for a holiday by the sea in a charming little story line complete, with sea, sand, sex and sunsets. And, a little spice as another woman tries to gain Darcy’s attention.

As this saga develops and not quite every page is filled with LOVE, it actually becomes more entertaining and the pace faster.

As well as more details about George Darcy, We also get more of the running of the Pemberly Estate.
Darcy persuades Lizzy to renew their marriage vows in the church on the Pemberly Estate where all the Darcy’s had previously been Married.

There is still plenty of mushyness and long lingering looks so don’t worry if that’s your style.

You also get to join with Darcy and Elizabeth as their first child is born. This is where Sharon Latham being a neonatal ICU nurse comes into her own.

The birth is well written and very moving and increases the affinity one feels with all concerned.
And so I move onto the 4th Book: In The Arms Of Mr Darcy (A honeymoon can last a life time).

I am sure that as Sharon Latham’s characters grow in strength the books will improve with them.

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