Friday, September 14, 2012

Interview With An Author – Janet Mullany

Interview With An Author – Janet Mullany

1) Your own favorite Austen character and why?

Janet – Henry Tilney. He’s such an adorable flirt and he really seems to like women.

2) Your Favorite Austen book?

Janet – My answer usually is whichever one I happen to be rereading, which at the moment is Sense and Sensibility, but I’m torn between Mansfield Park and Persuasion. Indecisive? Not really.

3) Which actor would you chose to be YOUR Mr Darcy and why?

Janet – Obviously I don’t have a calling as a casting director because I can’t honestly think of anyone! I’m really tired of all the perpetual cooing over Colin Firth and I’m impressed that he’s managed to have a career despite P and P. I tend to visualize Darcy as a fairly ordinary looking sort of man. Just about any competent actor in his mid 20s could do it.

4) Who would be your perfect Elizabeth?

Janet – A younger Emily Blunt or Emily Mortimer.

5) Your favorite book of all time by any author?

Janet – Wives and Daughters by Mrs. Gaskell

6) Your favorite Austen film or TV adaption?

Janet – 1995 Persuasion

7) You are having a dinner party and can invite four Austen characters which would they be?

Janet – Henry Tilney, Anne Elliot, Mary Crawford, Mr. Darcy

8. Why have you chosen them?

Janet – Mary would flirt outrageously with all the men but I think there’s the basis for interesting conversation.

9) Which character would you like to play in a film?

Janet – Lady Catherine de Bourgh. She’s so awful.

10) Tell us about your next planned book (whether Austen related or not)?

Janet – JANE AUSTEN: BLOOD PERSUASION (October 2011)–Jane, Damned again. Jane Austen battles rogue vampires, a sulky ex-lover, family members behaving badly, and other interruptions to her writing in Chawton, 1810.

Thank you very much Janet, very much appreciated.

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