Monday, September 17, 2012

Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion: A Novel by Janet Mullany

Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion: A Novel by Janet Mullany

She sips tea in the afternoon,  drinks blood at night

At the end of the first book Jane Austen leaves the damned and takes the cure of the poisonous bath waters and far removed from the woman dressed in men’s clothing and  fighting side by side with the damned against the invading French. She, is now the spinster aunt in her neat and unbecoming cap.

The heart break of leaving her vampire consort is still there but she has her beloved writing.

Then new tenants move into her brothers house and William her maker want’s her back in his fold.

As the damned move in other threats arise and the villagers are no longer safe.

Danger comes to Janes own family, as does temptation.

This book has plenty of action, some great twists and some steam! Jane may be the spinster aunt but under it all her heart is still very much red blooded.

Janet Mullany even manages to make the mildest middle-aged Ladies capable of outrageous longings and self indulgent lusts.

For that I have to say, thanks, you rock Janet!

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