Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loving Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

Loving Mr Darcy by Sharon Latham

Journeys Beyond Pemberley

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Continues...

This is book two and carries straight on from where ‘Mr & Mrs Fitzwiliam Darcy’ left off.

This is another large book at 425 pages and it’s full of romance, cuddling, kissing and Mr & Mrs Darcy taking every opportunity to make love.

They leave Pemberly to visit Herefordshire, where they recall many of the events of their courtship.
Lizzy persuades Jane that sharing a bedroom with her husband is a must, which makes for even greater harmony for the residents of Netherfield.

Elizabeth arrives in London to smoothly slide into society, charming all before her, except, of course Lady Catherine, who blows into town the minute Darcy is away on business and is her usual vile self, causing Elizabeth a fair amount of heart ache.

There are some good social details on the ton of the day, but the gooey bits still totally swamp the story with passages like; ‘together they rose, passion growing to incomprehensible levels. Finally falling over a cliff of mindless, spiritual jubilance, they merged and were transported to a place of replete fulfillment’,

As in the last book the main excitement in the story does not happen until the penultimate chapter, almost an after thought.

Despite so much ‘soppy-ness’, I am growing to like the characters and she has introduced some interesting new players particularly Uncle George and his friend a Spanish Doctor, who have returned from India together.

Georgina and Anne de Bourgh are both developing nicely as the story unfolds with more romance destined for their future.

Sharon Latham seems to be a very sentimental and romantic lady, she must be lovely to know. I am now starting book three of the series; The Darcy Saga: My Dearest Mr Darcy (An Amazing Journey Into Love Everlasting).

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