Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Mr Darcy Story

My Mr Darcy Story

I was lucky enough to grow up and go to school in Winchester, Hampshire, England, the very city to which Jane Austen went once she was ill and in need of medical help.

She was buried in Winchester Cathedral, a place I was lucky enough to visit on many occasions, such a majestic place.

I was at a School called Queens Meade, and just across the road was Montgomery the boys school where my brother Guyon went to school. In my brothers class was a chap called Colin Firth, yes THAT Colin Firth.

There I was just over the road and although I met many of my brothers school friends I do not recall ever meeting Colin, which is probably a good thing because it would have spoilt the effect if I had known him as a spotty kid.

Now, I know the purist among you hate the films and TV series being equated with the book, but once you have an image in your head it is there.

So, I could not have Laurence Olivier as Mr Darcy as he is already my Max De Winter from Rebecca.
Colin Firth from the 1994 BBC mini series got me through my piles of ironing on a Sunday afternoon.
I really, really hate ironing on a Sunday afternoon, so I saved it up and treated myself to the whole series, while I slogged through.

I so, don’t miss the days of 3 lots of school uniforms and sports kits and a husband that wore shirts and suits everyday.

And, as for Mr Matthew McFadyen he’s cute, but he does not look much older than my son and also a little more sulky than brooding if you ask me.

There will be others I am sure and I await them eagerly but in the mean time it’s still Colin for me.

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