Monday, September 24, 2012

Pride and Platypus by Vera Nazarian

Pride and Platypus  by Vera Nazarian

 Mr Darcy’s Dreadful Secret

Vera Nazarian very bravely asked me to review her latest book Pride and Platypus. I say bravely as I had given a previous Jane Austen variations book; Northanger Abbey, Angels and Dragons a less than glowing review.

Vera Nazarian writes eloquently her style and sparkle are a pleasure and in this story of Were beasts taking control of the male population on the nights of  the full moon, her wit certainly is on show.

It was interesting to have another layer of social judgement, now not only were they judged by breeding, title, money and looks, they also were now graded by their inner beast, with the big cats being at the top of the list.

This giving the ladies in the salon and breakfast rooms more to gossip and speculate on their favorite gentlemen.

Obviously with the title of the book I am not giving much away by saying one could easily imagine what being a platypus duck at the full moon would do for Darcy’s pride and would make his aloof demeanour pardonable. In this way the story works  wonderfully.

But. The part of Northanger Abbey Angels and Dragons that drove me crazy has flown straight to Netherfield. yes the bloody Brighton duck is back! And, even though it has the sense to attack both Mr Collins and Lady Catherine it just drives me crazy.

Vera and I have a fair amount in common, she has Russian parents whilst I have a Russian Grandparent, we are both artists and while she writes, I read. I wish her well.

Do get a copy of this book and let me know if it makes you want to take up duck hunting as much as it  did Mr Darcy and I.

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