Friday, September 14, 2012

Pride and Prejudice The Wild and Wanton Edition by Annabella Bloom

Pride and Prejudice 

The Wild and Wanton Edition by Annabella Bloom

If you are looking for wild and wanton sex, this should probably NOT be your first choice. Maybe try Mitsi Szereto’s Pride and Prejudice Hidden Lusts Or Pride and Promiscuity, The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen by Arielle Eckstut or any of Sharon Latham’s books where they hardly get out of the bedroom.

This is Pride and Prejudice re-written with more of the emotions and thoughts put in and a little bit of sex. The sex is not out of place, it is thoughtfully put into the story.

Lydia is a total light skirt as they would say, but that not’s hard to imagine and yes, right at the end Elizabeth and Darcy do “Get to do it.” But, as this is something that has been chronicled in at lest 80% of the prequels and sequels that I have read, it is no big deal.

But, this book is well written and has it’s place out there following the original and staying very close in style and language. But, don’t expect any new story lines or characters, this one really does stay close to close to the original.

I was not sure why there was Indonesian fan on the cover but at least it was very pretty.

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