Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pride and Promiscuity by Arielle Eckstut

Pride and Promiscuity by Arielle Eckstut

The Lost Sex Scenes Of Jane Austen

Years ago I found this book on ebay and promptly bought it and read it.

I found it very entertaining and it really made me giggle to myself, the premise for this book is quite clever and has a young American Austen fan/fanatic traveling to England to stay in an ancient house rented by friends, she unearths (totally by accident) a box full of all the cut Jane Austen sex scenes that had been hidden by Jane’s sister Cassandra who had stayed at the house.

The sex scenes are then put in context and are quite entertaining.

My absolute favorite would you believe is between Mr and Mrs Collins, I still smile thinking about it and have to admit it works perfectly.

When I had finished my ebay copy I passed it onto a good friend of mine who was pretty scandalized by it, which am afraid amused me even more, she was really worried that some one really had found those missing sex scenes.

My astonishment at finding this book again years later for sale in Malaysia which is a very muslim country was great (it was sealed in plastic).

I had to buy it again and re-read it and yes it was just as enjoyable and funny the second time around.

My usual warning, If sex offends you don’t read this if you have a wicked sense of humor you will love this naughty little book.

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