Friday, September 14, 2012

The Truth About Mr Darcy by Susan Adriani

The Truth About Mr Darcy by Susan Adriani

Theres Never A Perfect Time...   To Bare Your Soul...

What a romantic book.

This Mr Darcy is tender, caring, articulate and he just can’t keep his hands off Elizabeth.

In this what if? story, Darcy does not ride away when he comes upon Elizabeth Bennet’s first meeting with George Wickham. Instead he takes the time to inform her of Mr Wickham’s less than pleasant past.

Indeed the wickham in this story is even darker with a crueler and almost twisted psycho feel about him.

So how does the story unfold now?

Pick up this book, it is a very good read.

Mrs Bennet, Caroline and Lydia are all still truly grating, you could happily knock all their heads together and Mr Collins is truly awful in this version and as I said Wickham is horrible and quite scary.

Elizabeth and Darcy are so totally infatuated with each other that some of the pages in this book positively sizzle. Now if this book called itself Wild and Wanton, I would have no complaints at all.

Susan Adriani has managed to write the Darcy that we would all love to be married to. Or have a wild passionate fling with at the very least (I’m rather attached to my hubby!)

Now for a little warning, The Turth About Mr Darcy was originally published as Affinity and Affection so don’t do what I did and buy both!

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