Friday, September 14, 2012

What Would Mr Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds

What Would Mr Darcy Do? by Abigail Reynolds

The Truth Will Come Out...

This book is light, bright and entertaining, I even chuckled out loud a few times.

This Pride and Prejudice variation really plays on the fact that Darcy and Elizabeth almost constantly jump to the wrong conclusions over each others reactions, or indeed lack of, almost always getting the wrong idea which causes much heartache and hankie wringing.

The wit and repartee between Mr Bennet, Lizzy and Mr Darcy, sparkles and draws you into the relationship which becomes very tactile, to the point that the temptation is almost impossible for either of them to bear. There is no bodice ripping but lots of sensuality and steaminess.

So, if you haven’t read this one yet grab a copy it’s such a feel good book, and, if you have read it a while ago, well, go and get it off the shelf and indulge yourself again, it will make you smile, I promise.

Thank you to Abigail Reynolds one of the ladies who keeps romance alive and kicking with a good sense of humour added in.

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