Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vampire Darcy’s Desire by Regina Jeffers

Vampire Darcy’s Desire by Regina Jeffers

A Pride and Prejudice Adaption

As I read the authors preface, in which she states that on being asked to write this book her hackles rose, she says she flatly refused to even consider a vampire version.

She only gave in eventually when she started thinking that the project would go on with or without her.

Not a promising start I thought, but thank goodness she did give in.

This Vampire Darcy beats all the other ones of it’s ilk that I have read so far.

It is intelligent, interesting and a dam good read.

Regina twists the original to allow for her tale of horror and passion.

Wickham soars to new heights of Villainy as the source and executioner of the Darcy Family Curse. 

Celtic mythology and vampire folklore blend in a truly evil and impressive tormentor.

The evil super powers of the vampire make this story less predictable, as Darcy with his bold and plucky Elizabeth, have to try and stop the slaying of the innocents.

Darcy a half vampire has for sworn any hope of a wife and family in the hope of stopping his curse of the first born son being passed on, but, then he is blindsided by his passion for Elizabeth and he tries not to consummate their marriage.

But Elizabeth has other ideas, she wants to get to the root of the problem to do battle with the curse and lift it from their lives so that she can have a complete life.

With the help of Colonel Fitzwilliam they go into an epic battle.

The demise of Lydia Bennet, I have to say causes very little distress as she is as always not very likable, even less so as the undead.

This book is really, really engaging.

Next, I will be reading Regina Jeffers book – Darcy’s Passions

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