Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sons and Daughters by Karen V. Wasylowski

Sons and Daughters by Karen V. Wasylowski

If you read my earlier review of Karens book: Darcy and Fitzwilliam you'll know that I enjoyed it immensely  So, I was eager to read this continuing story taking the reader on through the years with the families of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Richard Fitzwilliam.

The first part of the book watches the nurseries fill, with Richard married to a good Catholic girl, his house is bulging at the seams. and, his ofspring are called a mob for good reason. They are a high spirited bunch full to the brim with life.

Darcy has his heir and his precious daughter and has been warned that Elizabeth should have no more children, it does not stop her wanting another.

The two families are so very close and the cousins are all like one big family, there appear to be special bonds between some of them from an early age.

As the children grow up these bonds change as do the families. Richard Fitzwilliam loses his older brother and has to become the Earl causing many upheavals for his family.

While Darcy is almost tempted to take up a political career, but the price is too high for a man unwilling to put his position above his family.

As the children have left childhood and started to find their own life partners there are even more upheavals for both families.

Uplifting gripping and oh so enjoyable Karen V. Wayslowski has not disappointed with this book.