Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Passions of Dr Darcy by Sharon Latham

Passions of Dr Darcy 

Sharon Latham

It is a considerably long time since I reviewed an Austen prequel or sequel. I was in need of a new battery for my pacemaker and thought I would take the opportunity of forced rest to read something that I had fancied tucking into  for quite some time.

I say tucking into as these books are not small or light! I embarked on George RR Martins Game of Thrones books, spurned on by the sumptuous television series.

I did take quite a while to finish all five books in the series and now I am left wanting more.

But thankfully I had Sharon Lathams latest book to kickstart my Jane Austen obsession.

Passions of Dr Darcy brought me happily back into that world again.

I have enjoyed the character of the irrepressible Dr Darcy in Sharon's series of tales of Darcy and Elizabeths adventures and I was delighted that she had chosen to give him a book of his own. Telling his vivid back story and taking us all along with him through his loves and heart breaks in the exciting Indian sub-continent. 

Enlisted as a Doctor for the East India Company and very eager to learn every bit of medical knowledge and practice the new found techniques his already glowing reputation growing quickly.

He is sort after professionally, but his love life is not as smooth as his professional life. In fact the poor fellow really has a terrible time with the ladies.

I really enjoyed this rich colourful book almost smelling the spices and seeing the Dr Darcy's colourful outfits. I can totally relate to his choice as I live in Malaysia and have chosen to wear traditional Indian clothes for comfort.

If you have not read this book yet, well, move it up your list. It's worth it.

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