Monday, September 9, 2013

Only A Heartbeat Away by P.O.Dixon


P.O.Dixon - Only A Heartbeat Away

So I was looking forward to reading this book and dived in eagerly.
Darcy goes to the Mereton Assembly but Elizabeth is not there, Elizabeth is at the Netherfield Ball, but Darcy is Absent.
I was beginning to think that they would never meet.
Elizabeth had already travelled to Pemberly and instead of meeting Darcy she has met up with Georgina and become friends through correspondence and she eventually meets up with Darcy through Georgina at a ball in London.

I loved the way P.O. Dixon changed the situations completely but still stayed true to the story. Making an interesting tale that you wanted to keep reading, just to see how she would get all the main characters to the places they needed to be.

Grab a copy and jump in!

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